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Building Girl Scout Leaders
Thank you for giving of your time and energy by volunteering to be a part of Girl Scouting.  Your efforts will help give every girl the opportunity to participate in a program designed to develop the qualities of a great leader - courage, confidence, and character - and the skills to make the world a better place. 

To ensure that each girl gets the MOST out of her Girl Scout experience, we provide training for all volunteers. Whether you are a leader, co-leader, assistant leader, or occasional volunteer, we have something to make this journey into Girl Scouting more enjoyable for you AND the girls!

Girl Scout training is one of the many resources available to volunteers. It will make your volunteer experience more exciting and rewarding. And, if it is exciting and rewarding to YOU, it will be for your GIRLS, too! As a Girl Scout volunteer YOU are the person who brings Girl Scout program to the girls. By taking training, you will receive the tools to help girls grow strong. Our courses will help to make your job easier and enable you to feel more comfortable in your position. And, these courses are FUN!

Please contact the Karen Gallaspy at 1-800-960-2093 if you have any questions about the training offered. Let us know what we can do to make this experience absolutely the BEST!
Basic Training Requirements - listed are the basic courses required to become a Girl Scout Troop Leader/Assistant Leader.  These are to be completed within the first three months after appointment to the leadership position and consist of the following three steps. 
Download this log BEFORE starting Online Training!

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